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 Commercial / Editorial

Indigenous peoples feared having their picture taken believing the act would capture their souls. What if they were right? Every photo, every segment of video, captures a crystalline moment that will never return. Whether it is the love between a mother and child, the seven yard stare of an old man, the ferocity of a man screaming into a microphone, or a woman leaning seductively into the camera with Betty Davis eyes, each captures a part of the subject. Each of those parts in turn speak to something in us that we instinctively recognize. 


I have spent my life capturing these moments. Each photograph becomes a Dorian Gray  work for the person within them. In that image they will never grow old. They will never die. Never be forgotten. That's what I'm searching for in my work; the ability to give each person a piece of immortality. 


The camera itself is a tool and yet more than that. Before I shoot I like to choose the particular camera that best suits the look I'm working on achieving. Whether it's the newest technology, or an antique lens, each lends itself towards a different look and feel. Sometimes it is more gut instinct that forms my work. Then again, unplanned moments frozen in time that speaks to me happen as well. That's the beauty of being an artist.





  • 2018 6 Telly Awards

  • 2016 6 Telly Awards

  • 2016 4 CASE Awards

  • 2015 10 Webby Awards

  • 2015 4 Telly Awards

  • 2015 CASE Award

  • 2014 CASE Award

  • 2014 Telly Award 

  • 2014 Finalist Gulf Coast Film Festival 

  • 2013 6 Telly Awards

  • 2013 Finalist Gulf Coast Film Festival

  • 2013 Showed a Sundance FIlm Festival

  • 2012 4 Telly Awards

  • 2011 2 Telly awards

  • 2011 Finalist Gulf Coast Film Festival

  • 2005 AMA Crystal Award


Featured publications, including:


  • Houston Chronicle

  • Throttle Gals

  • Hot Rod Magazine

  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine

  • Texas Wildlife Association Magazine

  • Houston Magazine

  • Architect Magazine


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